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student treatment abroad

student treatment abroad Pre-departure The Counseling Center reports that more students are coming to college with mental health conditions. This does not necessarily mean that more students have mental illness, but rather that students are getting diagnosed and treated as adolescents. For the majority of students, this means they are comfortable with, and in control of, their condition. And, in fact, most students with mental health conditions study abroad successfully. OSA encourages students to disclose all pre-existing health conditions via the online Student Health/Emergency Treatment Authorization Form. If a student requires on-going care while abroad, such as counseling, you will be informed by OSA and the Travel Clinic that a medical management plan is being developed. On-site If you have a student whose behavior leads you to believe he may have a mental health condition, resist the urge to diagnose. Instead, focus on disruptive or harmful behaviors, and their impact on the learning environment. Start by talking to the student in private. Be sure to listen carefully and show concern/interest. Repeat back the essence of what the student has told you. Avoid criticizing or sounding judgmental. Suggest visiting a counseling center and discuss this with the student. If the student resists help and you are still worried, contact OSA to discuss your concerns. OSA can put you in touch with a variety of mental health resources, including the MSU Counseling Center. The Counseling Center is staffed from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm and can be reached at (517) 355-8270. Their 24/7 line is (517) 372-6666. They can provide advice over the phone to program leaders for dealing with situations. They can also provide therapy to students; however, arranging for in-person services through HTH Worldwide is preferred. If you consider the situation to be an emergency, call the local emergency facilities (comparable to 911) and stay with the student. If the student seeks out-patient treatment abroad, inquire as to whether he/she kept his/her appointment and how he/she felt about the session.

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Best Performance Car Insurance Costs

Car Insurance Costs - If you drive a best performance car you are going to need best performance car insurance. This is an actual category and it would make sense to look into this kind of insurance before you actually buy a best performance car. Insurance is definitely going to be more expensive for this category of car. The reason for this is because these cars are more costly to repair when damaged. The other reason is to replace a part costs more and according to statistics this category of car has a higher risk of being stolen. These are some of the factors that make insurance companies regard best performance cars as a high risk category.

How to Buy Car Insurance Online Using a Comparison Quotes Website

When you go online to

Get Cheap Car Insurance Rates

Chances are that if you are over 25 years of age you can get a pretty good discount on your car insurance. Auto insurance companies tend to give discounts to drivers over the age of 25 because they see them as more mature because of their experience behind the wheel.

However the best age group that gets excellent rates on auto insurance are senior citizens. Auto insurance companies consider people over 50 years of age as senior citizens. They get the best rates because they are less likely to get into auto accidents or get a speeding ticket.

Long Island Property Insurance

There are few things more invigorating than starting your own business. Who wouldn’t embrace the opportunity to put his or her expertise to use—and to be the one calling the shots? But one of the details that excited entrepreneurs often overlook is an unglamorous but decidedly fundamental part of running a business on Long Island: property insurance.

Setting a property insurance rate is a challenging and involved process, one that can intimidate business owners of all ages and levels of experience. The brokers at Budde Insurance are well-versed in all facets of property insurance and are eager to sit down with fledgling business owners to evaluate their situation—including such variables as the risks of the industry, the number of employees, size of the office and yearly payroll—and find coverage that provides security at a reasonable price.

Long Island Small Business Insurance

The most important investment a small business owner can make has nothing to do with real estate or the stock on the shelves. It is the insurance he or she takes out upon the business.

At the Budde Agency, our Long Island small business insurance covers a wide array of services, including but not limited to general liability business insurance, worker’s compensation, professional liability, commercial real property insurance, disability, Loss of income, commercial equipment and automobile insurance.

Long Island Disability Insurance

Everyone has trepidation about purchasing any kind of insurance, but the coverage that makes everyone’s heart skip a beat is disability insurance. Just the thought of being out of work for several weeks or months is a frightening concept, especially for a small business owner who is responsible for his or her own paycheck.

At the Budde Agency, we offer a variety of Long Island disability insurance plans that will meet the needs of any business, regardless of size. The statistics suggest disability insurance is a must-purchase for business owners: according to the Health Insurance Association of America, about 30 percent of Americans aged 35 to 65 will miss 90 or more consecutive days of work due to illness and/or injury. Long-term disability insurance gives business owners peace of mind at a reasonable rate.